Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Princes of Shadow and Sand (synopsis for back cover)

Twenty years have passed since the Battle of Garesa-Tirrel, yet turmoil spreads from the southern nations. While the SangreLin have entered a time of peace beneath the rule of their new Glava, mass poisonings and deaths have been turning kingdoms against one another, even though the SangreLin are among the many victims of this scourge. The long time of peace is at an end, and the scars of war have already borne a heavy burden upon the warriors of old, who must now be among those to take up the banner.
While Tallic Shawen has become a shadow of the man he was twenty years ago, so too has his estranged cousin Niafask. Scarred and disfigured from the battles both fought to save the troubled SangreLin nation, they seek a cure for their torment, but their salvations come with great price. The veil between the realms of the living and dead has grown fragile, and now even the dreams of slumber can kill and maim. Those who see are missing the truth, while the blind see clearest in a world of growing darkness.

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