Tallic’s epic journey continues…
The Battle of Danat-Lanne is over, but the war has just begun. The SangreLin Empire has taken the city of Yorescialen, leaving many wounded, and many more dead. Though victorious, there is dissent at the Empire’s helm. Clybanus, Niafask, and Milradyon deceive and betray one another in their insatiable thirst for power. Regardless, the SangreLin Empire marches on.
Yet hope remains. Battered and broken, the Forghonyi, a legion of warriors formed for the purpose of bringing peace back to the Freelands, are about to discover that they have invaluable allies in unexpected places.
Only the spirit of the Luzblad can unite the peoples of the Freelands against the enemy. However, the power of the sword comes at a great price. It will be a lonely journey for its bearer. Dark paths and malevolent forces lie ahead for Tallic and the Forghonyi as they push forward in the face of suffering and discord, and ultimately, when they are confronted with their greatest fears, they will find that even the choice between good or evil can be taken from them.

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