Monday, July 1, 2013

Feedback for The Princes of Shadow and Sand

From my editor Erin Potter:
I have to say again how absolutely impressed I am with the richness and skill in your writing. The book reads as though you have spent much time crafting just the perfect expression for your scenes, characters, and dialogue. I felt immersed in this world and was surprised at plot turns and revelations, the suspense, the humor, and the evocative narrative and description. Your fans are going to love this book, a perfect continuation in the series. And you leave the reader wanting more, which is not an easy thing to achieve, especially after a long, epic story. I really enjoyed the characters and that they almost all embody light and dark traits, which enabled me to sympathize with even the "evil" characters at times. What a unique sensation that is for a reader, and I say well done, because that task -- making characters rich and multidimensional -- is not easy. I like that you have several strong female characters and they are unique from each other. Overall, this is a great book, a fun and involving read, and readers of your genre are going to love it.

Going through edits. Book III of the Immortal Veil should be available soon!

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